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August 2010

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OOC: The Profile

.player information
.name: CWolfeh
.email address: jlswab@gmail.com
.messenger contact and livejournal: xMy Wild Heartx (AIM) / crazedwolf
.other characters:

.character information
.full name: Swindle (Formerly known as Buyback)
.universe: Transformers: The Animated Series
.affiliation: He flies the Decepticon banner but only because he knows that if he flew any other, the 'Cons would shoot him on the spot. Ultimately, he goes to the highest bidder.

.alt mode: Bugatti Veyron

Swindle is extremely adept at using anything he gets his servos on for himself. He is a skilled tradesman, able to smooth talk anyone he comes across and he's a quick thinker in sticky situations. It takes someone really quick to catch onto what the con-bot is doing but, usually by that time, it's too late.

At current, the only real ability that Swindle has otherwise is the subspace pocket located in his chestplate. It pulls out, almost like a drawer, and the con-bot is able to store infinite amounts of things inside it, which comes in quite handy when one is an avid collector of spare parts, weapons, tools, etc.

Swindle has a large assortment of toys that he likes to play with. It's hard to say what he has exactly, since no one has ever seen the extent of his personal stash.

Current stash includes:
-Gyro Gun located on his right arm.
-Scatter Blaster worn on his right arm.
-Negatronic Force Field
-Gatling Cannon located inside his chest plate.
-Telekinetic Ray worn on his left arm.

(I will update this as I figure out what he has. xD; )

What to say about Swindle? He's a conartist, in every definition of the word, and can play others like no tomorrow. He's a master when it comes to playing people/bots, knowing how to use his gift of gab to mess with their heads and make them think things that aren't really true. Does it ever bother him? Hardly! Why should he care what happens to others because of what he does? He holds no true loyalty to anyone, caring more about his own well being before that of others.

He's quite intelligent; one has to be in his kind of work. Swindle never goes into a situation/meeting without doing his research first, always wanting to know the who/what/where/when/why/how of a particular situation. If others try to con him, Swindle can easily see through their lies for the most part and turn it around on them before they even realize what's going on.

Can he be bought? Of course he can! For the right price. Since he holds no true loyalty Swindle has no problem making a deal with the Decepticons then turning around and selling them out to the Autobots if they make a good enough offer. Remember kids, all that matters to him is that he is well off in the end.

A word of warning to those that might consider conning him: Swindle is not a bot to be messed with. He is very skilled in the art of torture and will make a person/bot's life miserable if they so choose to cross him in the wrong manner. He loves taking things apart and finding new bits and pieces he can use so he has no qualms about strapping another down and dissecting them right then and there.

Buyback was a merchant. A trader. He had something for everyone and if he didn't have it, he knew how to find it. Most of the dealings he did were by means of trade, Buyback more than willing to haggle with customers to work out of a good deal. He was fairly well known in the central city of Cybertron, always fair and honest with his customers, building himself quite the reputation amongst the bots inhabiting the city.

When war broke out, Buyback's decision was an easy one; The Autobots.

His particular trade came in quite handy at times, the merchant able to get supplies for his fellow Autobots when what they had began to run dry. It was rough, any position in the army would be, but Buyback handled it all in stride, pleased with the duty he had been given.

And then he crossed paths with the wrong bot.

On a supply run with a small team of bots, they were intercepted by Megatron and his forces and Buyback was the last mech standing after it was all said and done, though not without his fair share of injuries. Trapped and alone, Buyback tried to stay strong, to not give in but Megatron had many a skilled bots on his side and information was easy to get. The entire process left the merchant in shambles and, seeing the potential he had at his disposal, Megatron gave the reprogramming orders.

Thus came Swindle.

After a complete reboot of his systems, the merchant formerly known as Buyback came back online but under the designation of Swindle. Old life? What old life? False memories had been implanted to keep him from questioning anything or snapping, though many of the personality traits that had been in Buyback—the quick tongue, bargaining skills, etc—lingered. He was also programmed with more..Decepticon like tendencies, Swindle far from fair and honest, preferring to screw others over every chance he got. He became quite the peddler for the Decepticons but, as the war began to draw to a close with the 'Cons on the losing side, Swindle took his leave, knowing there was still so much more he could be taking advantage of out in the universe.

It was during this little expedition of his that he began to remember things. The programming wasn't as 'long lasting' as the Decepticons overseeing his reboot had thought and memories of his old life began to filter through. It wasn't long before Swindle sought out the help of some non-Cybertronian medics to figure out what was going on and for him to come to terms with the fact that he was, essentially, two bots. Quite settled into his new life though, the con didn't even cast a glance back at the life Buyback led, continuing with his journeys and his trading.

It wasn't until Megatron resurfaced that Swindle even gave a slag about what the Decepticons were up to, 'joining their ranks' once more (after some proper negotiating) and causing some trouble for the Autobots that had found themselves residents of the planet Earth.

Getting himself mixed up with some human thieves, Swindle was unfortunately caught before he could finish his task and locked in his alt mode for the time being. Eventually he was shoved onto Sentinel Prime's ship for transport back to Cybertron but, being the bot he is, Swindle managed to break free and set the other captive Decepticons lose. After a rather embarrassing incident with Optimus Prime popping out of his subspace, Swindle let the others fight the good fight, the con meandered about the ship, gathering up some things of interest before taking off for freedom.

And then something happened, something he can't really remember...and he ended up back on Cybertron...

**Everything in italics is made up/created by me, the player. The Autobot history for Swindle has been alluded to by Derrick J. Wyatt himself though we do not know anything for sure, thus the made up backstory.